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twitter email scraper

Scrape B2B emails from Twitter

100% cloud automated

No account or proxies needed

First 10 emails FREE

twitter email scraper
Arnaud Belinga

“Scrapybird is a fantastic way to target your ICP and get qualified prospects - it's like a superpower!”

Arnaud Belinga
Founder of Breakcold

“Got 80% open rates and 10%+ Reply rates with our first campaigns. Definitely an undiscovered goldmine I don't even want to share with others”

Raul Kaevand
Founder of Instantly

“Scrapybird has made generating leads *so* much easier for me. I can't imagine working without it.”

Charlie Ward
Founder of Ramen Club

High intent email list
in minutes

Classic prospecting

Spend ages building loosely targeted email list based on weak data points

With Scrapybird

Get the emails of people you know are interested in your niche based on their Twitter activity

How it works

Scraping emails from Twitter is now as easy as 1 2 3

Step 1

Enter Twitter accounts (or tweets) to scrape

Step 2

Launch the scraping of followers, followings & more

Step 3

Get your targeted email list with Twitter metadata

Scrape Followers

Scrape Following

Scrape List Members

Scrape Tweet Likers

Scrape Retweeters

& more ...

Get super-targeted emails the easy way.

Download a sample copy.


Unlimited scraping - Pay only for verified emails you can use !


$49 /mo

500 emails ~ $0,098 / mail

No Twitter Accounts Needed

No Proxy Needed

Automated Scraping

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$99 /mo

1 500 emails ~ $0,066 / mail

No Twitter Accounts Needed

No Proxy Needed

Automated Scraping

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$299 /mo

5 000 emails ~ $0,0598 / mail

No Twitter Accounts Needed

No Proxy Needed

Automated Scraping

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✓ Money Back Guarantee : free refund if Scrapybird doesn't work for you

Quick Answers ⚡

Scrapybird is the last Twitter email scraper you'll ever need. Input your target Twitter accounts and grab those business emails in a CSV file ! That said if you have any questions, we're here to help. Here's the most common ones, below with the associated answer.

All emails are verified for deliverability and are ready to use for cold emails (and other use cases). You can expect less than 2% bounce.
All emails are personal work emails like The tool is designed for B2B - you won't get any here.
No, thanks to our unique algorithm we are able to find the email even when it's not written clearly in the bio. It is not a simple email extractor ! That said, it's obviously still not a 100% success rate and works best with B2B emails - we're not yet wizards.
Depending on server load and the volume you're scraping, delay until results can vary. You can expect your email list in under 24 hours in most cases.
As of now, we're offering the first 10 emails scraped for free ! Get a glimpse of what's possible with Scrapybird before unlocking additional volume and features through a paid account.
100% refund if Scrapybird doesn't work
Please reach out at and we'll be happy to assist.